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15 Sep 2021

Steps to become a home inspector for complete home inspection

Does the job of home inspector excite you? Are you planning to start your career as a home inspector? If yes, then, we are here sharing some insights about how you can proceed towards reaching your goal. So, let's start with who a home inspector is and what does he do? A home inspector does the job of the complete home inspection and works on the behalf of the buyer of the property to check it for damages or needed repairs so that the property is safe for residential purposes. The job of a home inspector is flexible and offers a well-to-do living.

Steps towards becoming a home inspector


Here in this blog, we are sharing some steps that can help you to reach your goal of becoming a home inspector. Let's have a look over them.

Meet up with the licensing requirements of your state


The majority of states do not require you to confirm the licensing requirements, but you have to check for the licensing requirements in your state. In many states, you are required to finish the course on a complete home inspection of 60 to 140 hours and have to take the exam and, some states ask you to complete 12 hours to one year of on-the-job training under the supervision of an experienced home inspector.

Research about courses, training programs, and certifications 


Many states do not require you to get a license for being eligible for the job of a complete home inspection but, if you want to excel in your career, you should acquaint yourself with the knowledge in the field of complete home inspection. Also, research about the home inspection certification Maryland, internships, and courses offered in complete home inspection. Many home inspection certification Maryland will provide online lectures and in-class teaching programs, which you can choose based on your convenience. You can also join home inspection certification Maryland for weekend classes. It doesn't matter if your state doesn't require you to get a license for starting your career in complete home inspection, you should make yourself familiar with the following topics.

  • Home construction 
  • Types of homes
  • Standard practices and code of ethics
  • Risk management 
  • Home systems and infrastructure 
  • Best practices in complete home inspection 


Pass your state's home inspection license exam


As we have also mentioned earlier in this blog that every state does not require you to pass the exam to avail yourself of a license, but if your state is the one that conducts licensing exams then, you have to brace yourself up for the exam. You can go to the national home inspection examination website for scheduling your exam date and venue and pay your examination fees on the website using your ATM card.

Choosing the career path for yourself


After you have passed the licensing exam of your state or have gained the desired qualification for the job of a complete home inspection, then you have to choose the career path for yourself, considering the opportunities and challenges offered by them. You can choose to work with a well-established firm, start your own business or buy a complete home inspection franchise.

If you work with an established firm, things can become easier because you don't have to start from scratch to build a clientele or develop marketing strategies. Also, you don't have to bear the start-up costs and can start working immediately.

If you choose to start your own business, then it will have enormous earning potential. You do not have to share your inspection fees with anybody and, you can control things the way you want. But, for starting your own business, you have to consider bearing the following costs:

  • Advertising and marketing costs
  • Office space, equipment, and furniture
  • Operating expenses
  • Insurance costs
  • Vehicle cost 
  • Association dues


For starting a home inspection business, you have to build relationships with real estate agents and mortgage lenders to get the projects for your business. Being a newbie to the business, It is not an easy task to win the trust of the agents but you can start with providing free consultation to the agents so that they can know your work and handle their future inspection projects for you.

If you choose the option of a franchise, you will get the brand name, own a business but, it is an expensive option. 

Get errors & omissions and general liability insurance


If you own a complete home inspection company or work for some other firm, it is essential to acquire the errors & omissions and general liability insurance. This insurance will be your savior if the client takes legal action against you for missing damages in the property.

Good communication skills


To grow your career as a home inspector, you need to have strong communication skills to build trust and long-term relationships with real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and homeowners.  

If you are thinking of starting your career as a home inspector, you can follow the steps mentioned in the blog. Research thoroughly about how you can begin and excel in your career as a home inspector. So, brace yourself to start a rewarding career.


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