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25 Aug 2021

Why choose home inspection before sealing the deal for your new home

Does your new home offer seem too good to be true?

The basic needs of a homebuyer are that the house should be safe, comfortable, and free of any life-threatening damages & hazards. A survey from Porch mentions 88% of people choose to get home inspection before buying. That’s 9 out of 10 buyers. Moreover, 86% of buyers who took the services of an inspector identified at least one major problem in their future home. 

You might not know but the top home inspection companies in Maryland ensure that your future home gets verification from verified experts. 

 A thorough inspection, conducted by an inspector helps discover the hidden troubles and damages of your future house. At an estimate, it can save you thousands of dollars of future damages & repairs. 


What is Home Inspection?


 A Home inspection involves examining various systems, equipment, and components of a home including:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Windows & doors
  • Electricity panels
  • Common Foundation
  • Pipelines
  • Heating & cooling systems

The ideal time for a home inspection is after sealing the deal, but before making the payment. This prevents you from the risk of fraud & further troubles.

During an inspection, an unbiased inspector proofs the home for damages, potential hazards and mechanical concerns.

From looking for defects in the roof to termite inspection, radon inspection, heating, ventilation, chimney inspection and more; an inspector assesses all such aspects with a keen eye. 

Everything boils down to a quality inspector with a keen eye for details. That’s why you must choose a premier home inspection company to proof your future home of further troubles.

Tip: Your presence during the inspection isn’t necessary but you benefit from on-spot comments & judgments, which the inspector might miss including in the report. 


How home inspection helps you make an informed decision?

Many people might hesitate to go for a home inspection, thinking it wise to invest it in property purchases or elsewhere.

But, there are various advantages of home inspections that make it a preferred choice. These include:

  • Peace of Mind- There’s no replacement for your peace of mind, especially if it’s your first real estate buy. Getting home inspection services from a reliable inspector will prevent you from making the wrong choice. 
  • Economical Choice- Discovering repairs & damages can help your agent negotiate the demanded price. 
  • Builds confidence about the purchase- A home inspection builds confidence in your purchase, ensuring that the house meets your desired requirements. 
  • Helps plan for future- Home inspection helps you plan, building a clear picture of your future home. This gives you an idea of furniture & equipment placements and also helps with the décor.


Conduction of a Home Inspection 

A home inspection, generally, goes on for hours during which the inspector takes notes, pictures and various tests to discover the underlying errors. 

During the inspection process, the inspector will go through all important aspects of the home, check for safety and make comments based on observations. You won’t find an inspector making personal opinions about the property, sale price and more. 

Inspectors are an integral part of a home inspection. Thus, make sure to choose one whom you can trust with such an important duty. Key skills to look out for in licensed home inspectors include:


  • Technical Knowledge- Home inspectors must have a brilliant understanding of tech-compliances to check for errors & proper functioning.
  • Communication Skills- The inspector must be well-versed in communication skills and take charge of the process with confidence. They must brief you about the concerns & damages that might act as potential hazards in the future.
  • Writing Skills- The inspector must communicate the shortcomings in the home through a written report in an easy-to-read manner. 

How to pick quality & affordable home inspection companies in Maryland?


Looking for one of the best home inspection companies in Maryland to proof your future home? Here are some quick facts about home inspection companies in Maryland:

  • They conduct regulated home inspections, only from verified experts.
  • Distance training isn’t allowed in Maryland. Experts need to train on-field. 
  • Inspectors need to renew their license every 2 years. 

 You can take help from professional home inspection companies such as Inspection Ace. Their premier home inspection solution makes the process effective & efficient. 



As per an estimate, around 131,400 people lost their lives due to home collapse. These all could be prevented, only if the owners had performed an inspection before buying. 

A home inspection is critical to ensure that your future home is safe for you and your family. 

We hope this blog conveyed the various advantages of home inspections before sealing the deal for your new home. 

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